• DESIGN : Our CAD/CAM office is made up of six people.

  •  Equipped with CATIA V5 stations for CAD and WorkNc stations for CAM preparation (NC).

  • Our design department is specialized in the design of technical moulds and in client advising.

  • The rheology of your projects is conducted by us.


  • Our machining shop is equipped with 6 state-of-the-art UGV milling machines with a total capacity of 2700 hours/month.

  • 1000 m2 of surface area is dedicated to mould adjustment, assembly and finishing.

  • INJECTION : Our 1200 m2 injection shop is equipped with 4 machines (80T, 380T, 500T et 1200T).

  • 3D CONTROL: Our facilities have use of a ROMER arm controlled by METROLOG2 software.

  • All of our products are inspected in order to ensure their quality.

Vibration welding and rotation welding

Machine à souder rotation Dukane SVT032VRIn order to better meet its customers demands, PROTOFORM Bourgogne is equipped with a Branson M-624HRSi vibration welding machine and a Dukane SVT032VR rotation welding machine.

The vibration welding machine makes it possible to weld large surfaces under high pressures and the use of vibrating tools with a great disparity in weight.

Shortened cycle times:

  • Extremely short ramp and stop times (≤ 50 ms).
  • Electric lift tables increase travel speed (up to 500 mm / s)

Linear vibration welding combined with an infrared preheater (VIB / IR) optimizes quality and welding performance.

Assembly of plastic parts prototype and series by vibration welding

To complete this offer, PROTOFORM carries out bursting and leak tests and measurements for you.